Solid GREEN solutions for GDO
24 November 2020
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Some see what there is, we see what there will be!

The new line of products RCS-P for cooling water in the plastic process offers significant and effective advantages in terms of energy savings. Energy saving is a cause of increasing sensitivity on a global level to which NovaFrigo already belongs. If units originally built in view of the comfort sector are often adapted by design, NovaFrigo proposes units that operate with R410a gas specially sized to work in the process, without time limits or seasons dictated by temperature.

The comfort units adapted to the plastic process field are not designed for precise and constant output temperature management. In fact, in an air conditioning system, 1 ° C or a little more of a difference does not cause problems while even 1 ° C of temperature fluctuation, in the plastic transformation process, on the other hand, can influence the results (aesthetic and mechanical) of the final product for the customer, as well as the productivity of the entire line.

The RCS-P units are designed to ensure accuracy and stability in the continuity of work in their respective industrial applications, 24/7, 365 days a year.  Also the integration of the Free Cooling version, suitable to follow with maximum flexibility the various environmental conditions relating to the individual customer’s location.

The RCS-P units themselves have the option of being complete with tank, recirculation and process pumps.

Available for internal and external installations in standard version up to 43 ° C (with tropicalized versions up to 55 ° C) of ambient temperature able to work with simplicity even where the normal units stop at a maximum of 40 ° C.

Simple, functional and economical!

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