NOVAFRIGO – Chiller with Gas R448a for 1 MW of cooling power
25 May 2021
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NOVAFRIGO – Always a promoter of innovative technical solutions, introduces the new transcritical CO2 units.

Our company presents the new line of CO2 chillers called CHR, the innovative series of water or air-cooled transcritical cycle chillers dedicated to the cooling of water and water / glycol mixtures.

The chillers of the CHR series have been designed for both industrial and comfort applications; CO2 (R744 - Carbon dioxide) is a natural GAS with zero environmental impact (GWP = 1).

Neutral refrigerant for excellence, carbon dioxide is neither toxic nor flammable and is not subject to the F-gas regulation on fluorinated gases. The range produced is able to satisfy cooling capacities up to 900 kW at a temperature of 12-7 ° C.

The chillers have also been designed for partial or total heat recovery and are therefore particularly suitable for hotels and hospitals. The operating principle of the standard CHR version is with a gravity-fed flooded evaporator.

This solution allows a complete supply of the evaporator, without overheating, and therefore the minimum temperature difference with maximum efficiency.

The chillers of the CHR series are the solution for the future, as they meet the stringent efficiency criteria required and have long operation over the years, without causing damage to the environment with the use of a natural refrigerant available everywhere and without limitations.