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NOVA FRIGO Engineering S.r.l.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1Where is Nova Frigo?
Nova Frigo is located in Lonato del Garda (BS) - via Montebello 5/D; here you can find the offices, warehouse and service center
2What are your opening hours?
Office hours: mon-fri 8:30-12:30 / 13:00-17:00 Warehouse hours: mon-fri 8:30-12:00 / 13:30-17:00
3Is it possible to load/unload with a truck?
Yes, it’s possible. There’s a service area to the maneuvering and parking of trucks, even large ones, for loading and unloading goods.
4What kind of machines do you produce?
We make chillers, thermoconvectors, thermoregulators, racks, condensing units and special machines all those branches where refrigeration and temperature control are required.
5What kind of refrigerant gas do you use?
We use all kinds of refrigerant gas, especially the eco-friendly (with low GWP) and the new generation ones. Depending on the applications, we make machines that use gas R290 (propane), R1234ze, R513a, R448a, R407c, R410a, R134a etc.
6What kind of compressors do you use?
We use different types of compressors depending on the application: scroll, reciprocating, screw etc.
7What kind of fans do you use?
Depending on the installation, we can use EC or AC axial fans or centrifugal fans.
8Are chillers complete with pump and tank?
Chillers can be supplied in various versions: with both internal pump and tank; with internal pump and external tank, with both external pump and tank, without pump and tank.
9What hydraulic head does the pump have?
The pump pressure can be defined according to the type of application and/or system: the standard versions have pumps with a head of around 30 , but we can also have versions with higher heads.
10What capacity does the internal storage tank have?
The capacity of the internal storage tank varies according to the size of the chiller; we have capacities ranging from 25 liters for the smaller models up to 300/500 liters for the larger models. For higher capacities an external storage tank is recommended.
11Is the electrical panel included?
Normally, all chillers are supplied with an electrical panel but, on request, we can also do versions without one.
12Is there the possibility of remote management / control?
Yes, it is possible to have machines with remote management / control.
13Is there the possibility of remote assistance?
Yes, it is possible to have remote assistance.
14Can the chillers be installed outdoors and/or indoors?
We have different types of machines and among these there is the possibility of having chillers suitable for outdoor or indoor installation
15Is it possible to channel the air exiting the chiller?
In the case of machines designed for indoor installation it is possible to channel the hot air coming out of the refrigerator both for heat recovery (in cold periods) and for expulsion to the outside (in hot periods).
16How are the condensing coils made?
For our machines we use copper/aluminum condensing coils and microchannel coils which allow to have a reduced refrigerant gas charge.
17Is it possible to have chillers with inverters?
Yes, it is possible to have chillers equipped with inverters to optimize energy consumption.
18Do you have technical assistance?
Yes, we do have an internal and external technical assistance service; all our technicians are F-gas certified.
19What are the intervention times?
Intervention times may vary according to the type of problem encountered and can range from 24/48 hours up to 72 hours.
20Is it possible to buy spare parts?
Yes, spare parts can be purchased directly from our service center.
21Do you carry out scheduled maintenance contracts and system booklets?
Yes, we do both scheduled maintenance contracts and statutory system booklets.
22Do you do installations and plumbing?
No, we do not do installations and plumbing, but we can recommend companies that do.
23Who can I contact for a quote?
For a quote you can contact our sales office directly (see contacts) or our agents in the area (see sales network).
24What kind of payments do you offer?
For payments it is possible to agree on the best solution suited to individual needs. We also offer the possibility of purchase through long-term rental (48 or 60 months) with final redemption.
25Do you collect used chillers?
Yes, we do. In case of purchase of a new chiller it is possible to make an evaluation for the collection of your used one.

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