Air or water condensed units



The chillers are air or water condensed units, with different powers ranging from 50 to 1,200 kw for each unit.

They can be used with different types of refrigerant gas, depending on the application for which they are intended, with the replacement of various specific components for the different types of gas used. Any necessary increase in power can be obtained by adding more units on a single thermal joint.

Machines suitable for external / internal installation built with galvanized sheet metal structures painted with polyester powders.

Available with
Adiabatic panels
EC / AC axial fans
Remote control and remote assistance.
Optional internal / external hydronic group.
Refrigerant gas R513a – R448a – R449a – R1234ze – R407c – R410a. SCROLL – SCREW – SEMI-HERMETIC compressors.