NO-H Termoregolatori ad olio (250°C) da 18 a 36 kW.
NO | NO-H | Oil Temperature Control Units (250°C) from 18 to 36 kW
4 mai 2020
TS-V Termoconvettori monoblocco da 50 a 1000 kW.
TS-V | Enbloc Thermoconvecors from 50 to 1000 kW
4 mai 2020
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TS | Modular Thermoconvecors from 35 to 175 kW

Modular Thermoconvectors from 35 to 175 kW
Axial Fans with speed control
Exchangers coil battery with high performance

Catégorie :

Modular convectors from 35 to 175 kW.
Axial fans with rotation speed adjustment.
High heat exchange batteries.
Can be used in combination with chillers in order to create fully automated integrated systems that allow for high energy savings.