Solid GREEN solutions for GDO
24 novembre 2020
NOVAFRIGO in the Medical sector
8 mars 2021

This is an incredibly exciting time for us as a Company, for all customers and OEMs around the world producing Extruded Film. On our own, we pushed the limits of what was possible at a pioneering pace.

When we started designing the new unit called RAF (Refrigeratore Aria Film), we did it with a simple but bold idea: make all users able to manage a very wide range of work with just one unit according to production needs , save energy and keep up with the new refrigerant gases that have a very low GWP (about one third of those normally used) and, therefore, a very low environmental impact.

This is just the beginning of a new era: NOVA FRIGO is able to innovate faster, provide more choices and create even better products to support the production needs of filming customers. We are giving the possibility to many end users and OEMs to be able to differentiate themselves also in their final product. NOVAFRIGO will continue to put CUSTOMERS first and will always contribute to promoting technology to serve them.

Thanks to all the customers who have allowed us to be part of their reality.